Aqua, our little cross-eyed girl

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Aqua, our little cross-eyed girl

Aqua, our little cross-eyed girl

Maybe you know that our old cat, Stripes passed away last Feb when she was 16 years old.  She lost a lot of the weight to about 5 pounds and kidney failure.  In July, we adopted Aqua from Cathy’s friend when she was 15 weeks old. Aqua is a female Siamese cat.

She flies around the house and pesters Cathy, Herman and Ken Bob with her paws, and sometimes licks our noses with her sandpaper tongue.  When she was about 4 months old, she lost her toe … we’re not quite sure how that happened. perhaps she chewed the toe off when she had a bee sting, or maybe she was playing with our kitchen knives.

Finally, Aqua got spayed on Friday 2011 December 2. She slept most of the evening and the next day. A few days later she is back to terrorizing Herman and us. She likes to hide, and pounce when we walk past.

Herman is so sweet and tolerant, but now he starts to play with Aqua too, still he is gentle and careful not to hurt her.

Cathy’s Triathlons

Cathy barefoot, SheRox Triathlon (2011 October 15) San Diego CA

Cathy barefoot, SheRox Triathlon (2011 October 15) San Diego CA

Cathy completed 6 triathlons in 2011: Los Alamitos, Las Vegas, two different events in Palm Springs, Mission Viejo, and San Diego.  All are Sprint distance (5-kilometer Run) except Mission Viejo which was Olympic distance (10 -kilometer run).

Summer Road Trip (2011)

Cathy, Barefoot Ted, and Ted's dogs

Cathy, Barefoot Ted, and Ted's dogs

Last June Ken Bob and Herman drove through Arizona, and New Mexico to Colorado, and Cathy flew out to meet them. From there north through Idaho, up to Washington, and back down the west coast through Oregon, and Northern California for Ken Bob’s presentations of his book (Barefoot Running Step by Step).

Ken Bob also traveled around the country since his book was sponsoring The Naked Foot 5K race series and his publishers paid travel expenses for Ken Bob and his co-author, Roy, to most of the events, in Santa Barbara, CA (May), Boulder CO (June), Minneapolis MN and Grand Rapids MI (August) and finally Highland Ranch CO, and then to a different event, The New York City Barefoot Run (September).

Ken Bob Tries to Cut Down on Marathoning…

Aika, Merlin, Ke nBob, Caity, running barefoot in Los Angeles Marathon 2011 March 20

Aika, Merlin, Ke nBob, Caity, running barefoot in Los Angeles Marathon 2011 March 20

Ken Bob has only completed 2 full marathons (26.2 miles each) in 2011. Not bad for a guy who has averaged about 7 marathons a year for the past decade. However, he has completed about a dozen shorter races this year. See Ken Bob’s Races page for full list.

Fun Runs and Workshops in 2012

Ken Bob is hosting regular evening runs on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6pm, and Saturday mornings at 10am, as well as Running Barefoot Playshops (to help runners find their natural running technique) on the second Saturday of each month at 9am (just before the Saturday morning run). See The Running Barefoot Calendar for these and more events to come


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