Cathy bicycling (2012 February 25) Race on the Base

Race on the Base (2012 February 25) Cathy

Cathy bicycling (2012 February 25) Race on the Base

Cathy bicycling (2012 February 25) Race on the Base

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Arrived  Race on the Base, Military Base, Los Alamitos for competing Reverse Triathlon (3.7 miles run, 14 miles bike and 200 yards swim)

Before Reverse Traithlon, saw Bobby Porter who was our old running club, finished his 10K race.   He said that he had to leave for next race, 5K race.

Run course added little distance (0.6 mile) and my left butt started sore.  Bike struggled in wind (5-10mph). After that, all of my toes numbed (I do not have bike shoes)  Swim was easy and short distance, 200 yards.


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