Now, where were those stairs? Herman, Boeing 5K (2012 May 14) Seal Beach CA

Herman Runs, Swims, and Walks the Boeing 5K!

Now, where were those stairs? Herman, Boeing 5K (2012 May 14) Seal Beach CA

Now, where were those stairs? Herman, Boeing 5K (2012 May 14) Seal Beach CA


Today I ran in the lunchtime 5K Race at Boeing in Seal Beach CA.


  • 5 Kilometer
  • 8 pairs of Bare Feet (2 people and 1 Dog)
  • Herman (with Ken Bob Saxton) 53:44
  • Dave Parsel 22:11 (started 2 minutes late)


It was my first race, and real run since I hurt my foot last month. It wasn’t nearly as fast as my first 5K, several years ago, but then I am nearly 70 (dog) years old.

It was pretty nice on the way out, a nice breeze coming off the ocean straight up the river path we were running on. But it was around noon, and sunny, and getting pretty warm. Still I was able to keep up with Nelson, the race organizer, who was running/walking about a sub-20 minute pace.

After the turn around, as the path dipped down close to the river under Pacific Coast Highway, I went for a swim… I followed the course about 20 yards up-stream, until I came to a good place to climb back up the side of the river to the trail. But, now it was much further up, since the trail had rose again after dipping down under the highway.

Now there was a tail wind, which means it wasn’t cooling us off as much anymore. Luckily I was very wet, and Ken Bob looked like he was getting pretty wet too… but I don’t think he went swimming – probably just sweat.

Another mile or so after I got out of the river, we caught back up with Nelson again, and after running with him a bit, we went on in ahead and finished ahead of Nelson, being the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pairs of bare feet to finish today (Dave Parsel started late, in his crocs, and took them off about half-mile into the race).

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