2008 Summer Road Trip (2008-07-10)

Well, we’re starting to wrap things up, here in West Palm Beach, Florida. Cathy’s brother-in-law is making excellent progress (he had a severe stroke back in December), he’s about 100 pounds lighter than before his stroke, and the past couple of weeks has been walking a couple of blocks, a few times each week, with his quad-cane.

A couple of days ago, he was able to get into his Mazda Miata, and we cruised down the coast to visit his office, and co-workers. Since we couldn’t fit the wheelchair in the Miata, he had the opportunity to walk some more.

Then we met his physical therapist, and he worked out on a stationary bike, and then, barefoot, in the pool. With a “jog” belt, he was able to walk back and forth in the pool several times without a cane, or anyone holding him up. He will be doing this more often now.

Cathy, Herman, and I will be packing up the bug on Sunday (2008-07-13) morning and heading for Palatka, Florida. Followed by a longer drive to Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Monday (2008-07-14). Followed by a drive through Barefoot Todd’s home turf (and possibly a visit with Barefoot Todd himself) on Tuesday (2008-07-15) or Wednesday. Our ultimate destination for Wednesday (or Thursday) is Jasper, Indiana and a visit with my long lost cousin, Chris, who was last seen by us, shortly before he moved from California several years ago.

On Thursday, we should be heading up to my sister, Adreah’s in Grand Ledge, Michigan, where we’ll stop to catch our breath, for a day or so, and figure out when to head over to western Michigan to visit a couple of other barefoot runners, and up north to visit my parents, older sister, and a few old friends in the Traverse City, Michigan area.

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