2008-07-05 Saturday- Summer Road Trip Leg 04-??


Yeah, I know… I’ve never been very diligent about keeping up my blog, so it has been awhile since my last update.

Anyway, After running a 5K in Austin, I drove to Lafayette Louisiana and ran a few miles in the flooded streets with “Barefoot Wheels”, Todd Wheeler, then spent the night before driving to Panama City, Florida where Barefoot Wheels has his house for sale, since he is moving to Lafayette. We took Herman for a walk down to the beach, where Herman enjoyed chasing crabs, and squirells.

From Panama City, on Saturday, June 28, Herman and I drove to West Palm Beach, Florida to catch up with my wife, who has been helping her brother out (he suffered a severe stroke last December)… well actually, Cathy came here in March, to help out, and broke an ankle in April and has sort of been stuck here since.

But, Cathy and her brother aren’t the only one’s who got handicapped while here. I fell into Ken’s (yes Cathy’s brother’s name is also Ken) Lamborghini Diablo… hey, those high performance Italian sports cars are REALLY LOW! Really! The top of the seat is only a few inches above the road! So, anyway, I was lowering myself into the seat, and I let go, and as I dropped, I realized I was still nowhere near the seat. The right side of my back hit the center council (which isn’t so low), and the impact knocked the wind out of me, and bruised a rib (or two?). It’s been a couple of weeks, and I can just about run half a mile at a time now… Well, it’s also pretty hot and humid here too.

So, we have been staying (except for a weekend trip to Disney World, Orlando, Florida) for the past month and a half, in West Palm Beach, continuing to help Cathy’s brother. Next week we head up north to Michigan. But, we plan to make a few stops along the way.

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