Summer Road Trip Leg 01 (2008 May 18) Sunday

2008 May 18 Sunday – more Photos

Woke up about 4:30am and started packing the car. In a couple hours I would be on the road, and realize that I don’t mind traveling so much. It’s all the preparation, and worry, what am I forgetting to pack, or finish doing, before I leave?


No matter, there isn’t much more room to pack anything else in the 2001 New Beetle. This would be our first significant road trip in this car, since the 1988 Jeep was totaled when another automobile ran a red light out in front of our home two years ago. The previous longest trip in the Beetle was to Las Vegas for the marathon there, and to appear in a documentary, by the Canadian Broadcasting Company, about running shoes, titled: Sneaker Confidential

Well, I don’t usually care to much for air conditioning, but crossing the desert on the way to Phoenix, Arizona to visit with my marathon buddy, Running Red-Hair / Marathon Man / David, I felt compelled to turn on the air-conditioning, at least occasionally, to keep the inside of the car somewhat cool. Of course, this was only for Herman’s sake, ‘cuz I can take the heat ;>)


Arrived at David’s in the late afternoon, and was greeted by a neighbor cat guarding the front door. The cat was OK with me, but wasn’t about to let Herman in the house unmolested. David moved the cat’s food dish away from the front door, and the cat moved away with the food.


We shot some photos, then walked to the park, and shot some more photos. David played with his stereo camera. I’ll post those and more pictures next time I’m on line.


Then we went back to David’s exchanged digital photos, then Herman and I had a good night’s sleep to prepare for the next day’s drive to Albuquerque.

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