Herman rides in New Beetle after Strut for Pups (2007 November 18) Long Beach CA

Strut for Pups 5K

Herman rides in New Beetle after Strut for Pups (2007 November 18) Long Beach CA

Herman rides in New Beetle after Strut for Pups (2007 November 18) Long Beach CA


This morning Cathy and Ken take me for a ride in the bug, to Long Beach. First Ken takes me to the beach, and I play with other dogs. When I hear another dog growl, I try to climb on top, and they stop fighting. Then I want to climb on top of other dogs, but Ken put me on the leash and doesn’t let me.

After playing with the dogs on the beach, and getting nice and wet and sandy, we go up to where there is a bunch of people getting ready for a race. I think it is a race, because I see a start/finish banner, and many runners waiting around.

Ken and I go for a warm-up run, and run with Hecter and his dog. After we warm up, Justin Rudd tells everyone who is participating in the walk or run, to come and wait by the start/finish banner.

There are lots of people and nearly as many dogs. Maybe more dogs. Some people have herds of small dogs, like pugs and miniture poodles. I hear some growling, but since I’m on the leash, I can’t climb on top of the other dog, so I let out a big, “WOOF!” Ken tells me to shush.

We start in the very back with our friend Daisy, and her person, Audrey. Then we gradually work our way up into the crowd. I sure wish Ken wasn’t slowing me down so much!

Finally, I am able to run a little faster, and we have already gone half-a-mile. I try to sprint ahead of a few more dogs, but Ken is making me run slowly. Hmm… I wonder if he plans on running more than a few hundred meters?

Finally, we turn around and start heading back toward the start/finish. Again, I try to sprint, but Ken slows me down more. We’re only running about a 9-minute/mile pace!

Then we get to the turn to run back to the start/finish banner, and I get a big drink of water. But, after I finish, Ken takes us the other way, away from the start/finish!

So we keep running. By now, I’m starting to get tired. Now it is my turn to slow Ken down. Let’s see how he likes running a 10-minute/mile pace?

Ken doesn’t complain about running slow, so I pick it up a little bit, and we pass a standard black poodle. He passes us again, when I stop to sniff and pee on a post. But, we slowly reel him in again.

Then we turn around again, running back towards the start/finish, hopefully this time, we’ll finish!

I stop to sniff another post, and the poodle passes me again. So we start running again, and this time I pass the poodle, and as I’m getting near the finish, Cathy runs out and gets me excited. Ken yells at me, “Run, Herman, Run!”

I know what that means, so I gallop through the finish line, it’s so much fun!

Then we ride home in the bug, and I am really tired. After a bath, I sleep all day long.

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One comment on “Strut for Pups 5K

  1. Herman. So great to have you, Ken and Cathy at the Strut for Pups 2K/5K. Thanks for helping to raise money for dogs and cats in local shelters and rescues. We wish you all happy holidays! -Justin Rudd!, race director

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