DO NOT deal with Farm Fresh to You!

Representative for “Farm Fresh to You” canvassed our condominium complex, despite the no solicitor signs posted at the entrances. I should have told him to go away, as I do with most solicitors. But, he seemed really nice, and explained how wonderful this company was because it was a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and promised that if I wasn’t satisfied with my first delivery I would not need to pay. I wasn’t satisfied, it was a handful of fruit and partially wilted lettuce leaves (for $23 introductory price – more than $30 thereafter!). I did not continue the subscription service, and as instructed by the representative, did not pay for the first shipment.

“Farm Fresh to You” is now threatening to send a collection agency after me for the #23!

I strongly discourage anyone from doing business with this organization, or listening to their representative’s promises – representatives who are either poorly trained, misinformed, or worse!

Now if I can just get them off my back.

What these people are doing has nothing to do with supporting community agriculture, since they have turned me off to any such service as theirs.

I’ll stick to the farmer’s markets and produce section in my local grocery store.

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2 comments on “DO NOT deal with Farm Fresh to You!

  1. Follow up: 11 days ago, I got a “nice” email from Farm Fresh to You stating that they had applied a credit to my account and my balance was now $0.00.

    Apparently they forgot to tell the thugs they sent to collect the dept, because a week later I started getting phone messages from Titan Revenue Solutions, and yesterday, a bill from them…

    I will return the bill with a copy of the email, and I also replied to the Email to remind Farm Fresh to You to inform their thugs.

    Haven’t been so frustrated since dealing with Time Warner Cable (for internet service) back in 2007, when they failed to acknowledge one of my monthly payments (for which they had happily deposited my check). Took over a year of being harassed by a collection agency before Time Warner finally sent me a refund of the money they OWED TO ME (automatic payment from my credit union for the following month, before I cancelled).

    Farm Fresh to You seems to be adapting the same; “let’s ignore the customers, scare and harassment tactics”, as the corporation with some of the least satisfied customers in the United States.

    This can’t bode well for Community Supported Agriculture which Farm Fresh to You professes to represent.

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