Happy Psycho Super Herman Bowl Sunday!

Super Psycho Herman Bowl Sunday Celebration!

I (Psycho Herman) will be 13 years young (a teenager) on 2015 February 1 Sunday. I expect many people in these United States will be celebrating my birthday by eating vast quantities of food, drinking generous portions of alcoholic beverages, watching football, and out here in Southern California, running a marathon, and barbecuing large chunks of animal flesh. If you see me, you should share a bit of that toasty cadaver with me. After all it is my birthday, and that’s what everyone is celebrating anyway. I mean you wouldn’t do all this merely for some stupid football game, would you?

Happy Psycho Super Herman Bowl Sunday!

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3 comments on “Super Psycho Herman Bowl Sunday Celebration!

  1. A teenager! Oh great, Herman, now you’re going to become stubborn and think that you know more than everybody else… I suppose you’re going to start wearing makeup too? Maybe some black eyeliner, and even black lipstick (going for that goth look)?

  2. I have always been stubborn, and that’s because I already know more than anybody else. And I really do look good in black eyeliner and black lip gloss (tough guys don’t call it lipstick)!

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