This tree had been around nearly as long as me.

Psycho Herman goes to Yosemite


Early this week, I went to Yosemite. Since it was Cathy and Ken’s 25th wedding anniversary, I figured I would take them with me.

Cathy was doing a good job as photographer, by shooting many, many, many photos of trees, mountains, animals, curvy mountain roads, etc..

At it’s worst, at the end of summer, during a drought, Yosemite is still a beautiful place to visit.

I’m glad we got the large cabin with the loft, so I can have my own room, looking down (as it should be) on the mere humans.

There was water in some places, but even in the rivers, it looked pretty dirty and stagnate.

Thorns everywhere, but only one of the really nasty goat-head thorns.

I hiked a few miles on Monday at the Yosemite visitor center. That’s where I met Shasta, a truly great, Great Pyrenees of approximately 200 pounds or so… I wasn’t allowed on the trails, only the paved walking paths … but that’s okay, it was really hot, and most of the paved paths were shady. We hiked all the way to Yosemite Falls (about a mile or more each way). But the water had already fallen. So we enjoyed the view of a water-stained cliff instead.


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