Walk to Huntington Beach Pier and back

Sweet vengeance!

But that comes later in this story…

Cathy wanted to start preparing to run a 10-mile footrace early next year, so we started by walking a long ways today. We walked from home to the Huntington Beach Pier and back along the Beach Multi-use Trail. This is actually a paved road for bicycles, wheelchairs, skaters, runners, and even walkers. Total distance was nearly 12 miles. On the way down to the pier we passed my favorite place; Huntington Dog Beach. I was a bit upset, because Cathy and Ken Bob did not take me down to the beach. Finally we arrived at the pier, then turned around and headed back home. And of course, toward Dog Beach again!

This time we went down to the beach and I met some new friends. One seemed to not like me, but the owners said she didn’t like most Huskies. That’s okay, at least she chased me and I had a wonderful time! Also found some other dogs to run with along the 1-mile stretch of Huntington Dog Beach.

Then we were nearly home, and it was time to cross Pacific Coast Highway…

Sweet vengeance!

Far too often, the intersection we use to cross Pacific Coast Highway to get to and from our home, to the beach, the multi-use trail, and the Sunset Beach Greenbelt (where I do most of my long walks and play with many friends), is plagued with people ignoring, not seeing, or just not caring about pedestrians in the crosswalk. Over the decades there have been many cars damaged, and many people injured or killed by people making turns through the crosswalk, while barely checking for pedestrians, or other vehicles, or sometimes even the red stop signal light. Cathy’s Jeep Wrangler was totaled at this same intersection in 2006. My predecessor, Psycho Herman, would bark at vehicles who failed to yield to him, but there would always be more vehicles driven by people in a rush to kill or injure their neighbors.

Anyway, after the long walk to and from Huntington Beach pier, we waited for the crosswalk signal before beginning to cross Pacific Coast Highway. Now, we’re always wary about crossing Pacific Coast Highway, so we started to cross while watching the traffic turning out of or onto the side street. We saw the gold Corvette stingray convertible with the top down, coming from the side street. And they seemed to be fairly care-free, and having too much fun to bother checking for pedestrians, even though we were right in front of them. So we hesitated a little bit, since the Corvette did not seem to be slowing down (let alone stopping) to allow us to cross. Instead, the car cut right in front of us in the crosswalk. If we hadn’t stopped walking, the car would likely have run over my front toes and Ken Bob’s and Cathy’s bottom toes. But after we finished crossing the highway behind the Corvette, well, let’s say that the fellow probably did not see us in the crosswalk (probably wasn’t looking for pedestrians – as is often the case). After all, it was only high noon, and Ken Bob was only wearing a brightly colored tie-die shirt and colorful shorts, and Cathy was wearing a neon blue shirt, and I had my distinct husky black and white markings and one bright blue eye – but the driver might also have not seen or noticed the police car that was waiting at the light on Pacific Coast Highway. After the light changed the police car accelerated rapidly and caught the corvette in the next block!

Sweet vengeance!



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