Subtitles on Aircraft Carriers (Passenger Airlines)

I am hearing. My wife is deaf. Still, myself, and many other hearing folks, I know, also enjoy captioning with our video programs. It helps us “hear” better, when folks whisper, or speak with strong accents, or when there is other noise interference, either in the program, or from our listening environment (noisey neigbors, noisey machinery, noisey airplanes, etc.)

Both, Cathy and I have signed the petition “Subtitles on all Aircraft Carriers.”. We ask you to sign this petition to help reach the goal of 10,000 signatures. We care deeply about this cause, and hope you will support our efforts.

Target: Airline Companies

Sponsored by: Kenny DeHaan

Several people within the Deaf Community have brought up the issue that airlines do not put subtitles on TV shows and movies. Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing people make up a great number of the Airline’s customers. We travel a lot so we should be given the same consideration by the airlines as hearing customers. Is it fair, ethical that we have to sit through our long flights, unable to understand whatever is on while hearing customers are able to enjoy the services to the fullest. We have waited a long time for this change to happen and now it is time to become proactive. Sure the ADA law has taken care of us in some situations, but shouldnt ADA Title III: Public Accommodations apply to this situation also ( Why not be heard, Im sure I speak on the behalf of the Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing community when I say that we would love to have subtitles on all Aircraft Carriers. I welcome not just the United States but the world, people who fly need subtitles, come and sign this petition.

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