Mom and Cathy

Mother’s Day – J.C.U.A.A. of S.C.

Mom and Cathy

Mom and Cathy

On Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 10, 2009), in the morning, my parents took me out with my two sisters, one brother-in-law, and my hubby. But I had no idea what my parents wanted me to do. They did let me know to wear nice dress.

After we arrived Chinese Culture Center, El Monte.   OMG (Oh My Gosh) My father and sister told me that I would have to honor to my mother on the stage with other mothers and their children.  In the backstage when closing the curtain, the guides and speakers explained what they do. But I did not understand them because they spoke Chinese.  Only a few people there spoke English to me.

All the mothers sat on chairs, on stage, with one of their children standing behind chair.  When the curtain opened, many cameras flashed. but I understood that their familes took pictures including my father, my brother in law, and my hubby.

After the speakers announced about the first mother, then my mother (second eldest mother) stood up from chair and I saw a picture of my mother on the screen.

After announced last mother, all children on stage (including me) gave their mothers bouquets.  Still more camera flashes!!!! Of course it was so hot for me!!  Speakers and leaders gave each mother awards with the child.  Then took posed pictures of us!!

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