Ken’s Shingles


Poor BKB (Barefoot Ken Bob) got rash on his forehead including swollen eye. The doctor said that it’s herpes zoster (shingles) and is chicken pox virus, which stays dormant in the body after infection as child.

Occassionally, the virus comes out of dormancy, and attacks a nerve. In Ken’s case, it has attacked the nerve responsible for sensation in the upper left part of the face and head. Ken is taking antiviral (Acyclovir) for 5 days.

The rash is very painful. But, also swelling inside feels like a sinus infection, but there is no runny nose, since infection is not inside the sinus cavity, just pushing against it.

One week later, Ken did follow-up with eye doctor. Good news, the eye was unaffected. Rash should clear up in another couple weeks or 3.

The disease is characterized by itchy and burning boils, with occasional stabbing pains, and sometimes feels like bugs are crawling under the skin along the nerve.

Mostly the boils on Ken’s face are healed, still a bit pink as new skin grows.

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