Cathy swimming

Race on the Base – Reverse Triathlon

Cathy swimming

Cathy swimming

Not feeling so Good this Morning.

Cathy didn’t feel well this morning (She has Menieres disease, which results in occasionally dizziness in the morning). Luckily, the Race on the Base Triathlon didn’t start until 10:30am, and is in nearby Los Alamitos. So she stayed in bed, and felt a little bit better, except she later told me she felt like vomiting when I was driving to the race.

Reverse Triathlon

Also, luckily, this is a reverse triathlon: which means the run event is first, then the bike, and finally the swim. That works out well, if she gets dizzy in the run, it’s a short fall to the ground. Actually, that wasn’t likely to happen, as her dizziness usually is early in the morning after sleeping all night, often following some sort of stress the day before – in this case, I think she was worried about doing the triathlon in the rain.

Sunny Weather

But the rain came and went overnight. By morning the sky was almost clear. Amazingly clear by the 10:30AM! But, it was still cold, and windy – which Cathy didn’t like when she was bicycling!

I Stayed Home

Since the race was on a military base, and even so, I wouldn’t be allowed in the pool area (as if I would pee in the pool!), so I stayed home, where it was nice and warm. Anyway, Ken took some good pictures so I could see what went on at the race… I don’t see any other dogs there, so was quite happy I stayed home.



Los Alamitos, California

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