Herman (2002 Feb – 2016 Dec)

Herman smiling

Herman smiling


Herman (the ridiculously handsome dog) found his way to the Humane Society in Huntington Beach, California where he was discovered and adapted by Cathy and Ken on 2004 June 22.

Herman is reportedly a Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix, which is why Herman was also listed by the Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California Rescue.

Herman loves cats, including Stripes, even though she punched him on the nose when they first met. Herman also loves small children and puppies.

AKA: Psycho Herman

If you have a large male dog Herman will let them know who is the boss (and a few aggressive small or female dogs too). Then, just a few patient minutes later, if you and your dog haven’t run away in fear, Herman will be ready to play his favorite game with your dog – did I mention, Herman loves to be chased!

Herman also likes to growl back at, and race with Harley Davidson motorcycles, diesel trucks, skaters, and sometimes bicycles and runners (even if they didn’t growl at him)
Herman’s parents went to behavior school in 2010-11, and Herman is a bit more relaxed now, but he is still Herman, and occasionally a milder version of PsychoHerman!

His growling and aggressive nature, is mostly just for show (Yes, Herman is a drama-queen!). The idea is not to fight with the bear, but to convince the bear that it doesn’t want to fight with Herman.

Herman Statistics

  • Born 2002 February 1 (according to his rabies vaccination certificate)
  • adapted 2004 June 22
  • Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix
  • Posts about Herman

Let’s Play Chase!

Don’t bother throwing sticks and balls for Herman to fetch. He’ll just wait for you to run out and get them… Don’t get me wrong, Herman occasionally will play with toys or balls. He went through a phase (which lasted nearly a whole month) where he would steal toys from other dogs, but only because he discovered that the other dogs would chase him, if he stole their toys.

Herman loves to play chase. It’s kind of a “race instinct” (yes, Herman is a “racist”). Herman loves almost nothing more than to be in front of a pack of dogs, or people, running after him – maybe that’s why he sometimes acts aggressive toward some other big dogs and people.


Herman likes to bark at birds – I think he is just trying to ask the birds to come down and chase him…

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde

Herman also loves small children, and child-like adults (like us). But, strangers who stare at him with a too-serious look, should beware, Herman has a bit of Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde in him, and can change suddenly from sweet, calm, cute, cuddly fuzzy puppy to a fierce, scary sounding monster, lunging for your face – Don’t panic, he usually turns toward the side just before his teeth would have sunk into your flesh… usually… so far!

Anyway, if you don’t have a dog, or cat, or small children, which helps distract Herman from your stern look, you might consider carrying some food to appease the beast in Herman. And do NOT do anything that might be considered aggressive, like reaching your hand toward his face to let him bite .. er I mean, “smell” it. And most importantly, whatever you do, do NOT STARE at Herman’s big beautiful brown mesmerizing eyes!

… oh, and lighten up! If you don’t take Herman so seriously, maybe he won’t take you so seriously.