Stripes (1995-2010)

  • born about 1995 January
  • adapted 1995 December 9
  • died 2010 February

Cathy and Ken and Rosie adapted Stripes from the National Cat Protection Society in Newport Beach, California on 1995 December 9. Stripes doesn’t care much for other cats, and when we first brought her home, she didn’t have much use for people either. Fortunately, after a few weeks of feeding her, and then rescuing her from the neighbor’s roof, she decided that Cathy and Ken were O.K., for people. After 5 years, she finally let one of our friends scratch her back, until she turned around and saw it wasn’t Ken.

Nowadays, she will sit on visitor’s laps, as long as they sit still for a while when visiting.

When we adapted Stripes, we were told she had no experience with dogs. But we took her home and introduced her to Rosie, and she was fine. In fact, she was fine with Rosie. It was people and cats that made her nervous.