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Cathy bicycling at CSULB Reverse Triathlon

Triathlons – 2007

Cathy bicycling at CSULB Reverse Triathlon

Cathy bicycling at CSULB Reverse Triathlon


This year Cathy does three Triathlons: CSULB (Ken’s work) in April, Danskin Women’s San Dimas in June and will do Long Beach Triathlon in September All of them are sprint triathlons (0.5 mile swim, 13 miles bike and 3.1 miles run)

In April, in CSULB, the triathlon is my second backward triathon (run first, swim last). Still has steep hills (both run and bike) my tricips were sore during bike and swim. Ken watched and supported me this year, because he missed my first backward triathlon last year, Ken was in Big Sur marathon.

In June, in Danskin Women Triathlon, San Dimas, completed Danskin Women Triathlon, San Dimas. It was tougher than Long Beach Triathlon (where I did my first triathlon in Sept. 2005) because of long distance swim and steep hills (both bike and run)

Nice to see Snail (member of running club), Cindy there. When my digit camera battery was dead, Ken shoot me during biking. Tony (Cindy’s husband) loaned Ken Tony’s camera because Cindy completed the triathlon early.

When I started to swim, it was in first wave (age 50 and above) I turned wrong path because the water was not clear and dirty (gasoline, motor oil, etc.) Then turn to correct direction. I did not breath well in the water because of smog and my nose stuff (from cold) but not my wetsuit Plus I got my tricep sore again. Anyway then Cindy started in 2nd wave because of her age. She passed me running to transition from swim, and again after start bike (I guess I transition faster Thank my coach Mike).

About 8 miles biking, the volunteer yelled me and other athletes to bike slow down. I saw about 4 or 5 emerency vecihles with sirens, and we bike to narrow path where helpers (firemen, paramedic, other votunteers, etc.) did something to victim lying on the pavement. Look like she biked to hit the cliff or to trip over the pavement because of dirts on her whole body. Ater happen, when we turned sharp corner in steep hill, most of us had hard time to climb.