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Right side shelves TARDIS interior - Reserved Parking for Doctor Who

T.A.R.D.I.S. materializing in my living room

Right side shelves TARDIS interior - Reserved Parking for Doctor Who

Right side shelves TARDIS interior – Reserved Parking for Doctor Who


Dad (Ken Bob) removed the old movie library, and bicycle storage structure, and shortly thereafter, a T.A.R.D.I.S. began materializing. T.A.R.D.I.S. is the craft that The Doctor (Doctor Who?) uses to travel through time and space. T.A.R.D.I.S. stands for “Time And Relative Dimensions In Space”.


The goal was to finish the rough structure of the TARDIS by New Year’s Day 2014. But, no matter, whenever it is finished, we can travel back in the TARDIS to New Year’s Day 2014, and have achieved the goal.

Ken Bob's TARDIS plans

Ken Bob’s TARDIS plans

The old structure was kind of a prototype cobbled together from previous movie storage shelf units Ken Bob had built over the years. The idea of building a TARDIS (besides that it’s supposed to be smaller on the outside) was to create a less “cobbled” version for storing our movies, bicycles, audio/video cables, and even the subwoofer amplifier to power the buttwoofered guest bed/sofa in the living room. Since we’ve become Doctor Who fans, the TARDIS seemed to be a nearly perfect solution, especially if it really is bigger on the inside.

As with any good mode of transportation, the TARDIS has a sort of “cloaking” device. It doesn’t become invisible – that would be far too annoying to those who bump into it while walking, running, or driving. Instead the TARDIS has a camouflage unit, designed to disguise itself as some mundane object that won’t be noticed in whatever environment it travels to. But, the circuit became “faulty” and got stuck as a London Police Box (or maybe that was the circuit’s plan all along?)

Ken Bob’s TARDIS is designed to save even more space on the outside – we live in a studio condo, where every inch counts – so you won’t see too much trim protuding beyond the sides, and no base either. Instead, Ken Bob’s TARDIS will be floating above the floor a few inches (3.5 inches – coincidentally, the same height of standard 2×4 lumber)


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