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Julian and Ken Bob, Las Vegas Marathon (2006 December 10) Las Vegas NV

Las Vegas Marathon (2006 December 10) Las Vegas NV

Julian and Ken Bob, Las Vegas Marathon (2006 December 10) Las Vegas NV

Julian and Ken Bob, Las Vegas Marathon (2006 December 10) Las Vegas NV


Oh Boy, I feel better this morning because last night I slept early. Since Ken and I had not enough time to do something last weekend. Last Saturday early morning. We drove up to Las Vegas on 22 fwy east had construction to block, so have to take off to street but we did not see “east” only saw “west” We can not find to get to 22 fwy until we decide to north on the street until main street to get 57 fwy until 15 fwy to LV.

Arrived LV Find the convention center where the expo is in the morning about 10am. the weather was cold and wind about 50 F. After that, we like to go to hotel but Ken called to check if the room was ready, but hotel said can’t check in until after 3pm. Then he got a call from Canadian TV interviewer (and crew) who supposed to meet Ken at 11am but will be late also, because still shooting shoe-wearing runner. Finally, they take Ken outside of Las Vegas to shoot him. When the sunset, temperature suddenly dropped. We supposed to meet the volunteers (cyclists) at the convention center at 5pm But first we stop at Travel Lodge, to check in, but it was wrong location. The front desk said there are 5 Travel Lodge hotels in Las Vegas. Then we were stuck in the traffic going toward correct hotel, but had to turn back to center to meet the cyclists at 5pm. After that, finally arrived the correct hotel. We slept early because we suppose to wake up 3:30am because we suppose to meet the crew at 5am. The interviewer was very nice to offer me to have fancy dinner for my 50th birthday but Ken and I did not want the dinner because not good in our stomach before running the marathon (as well as carb load/dinner) She changed her mind to pay our hotel instead of the dinner.

After we woke up and drove to center but the road blocked where the marathon course. We drove to fwy to center instead of street.

About 5 am, before met crew and their spouses and friends (who are participated half and full marathons as well as I did full marathon), we saw many Elvis and wedding couples. Wow it was very cold (40 F) Then the groups (Elvis, couples, Ken, Elites, and wheelchairs) went to the front of starting line, Crew’s spouses, friends and I avoid with the groups because we did not want to involve them. Note: the order, first female elites (started early, but only 2 female elite who accept the challenge), then wheelchairs. Finally the marathon start. The male elites were on the actual start line, while the Elvis, couples and normal runners (including Ken) were held back about 10 yards. But male elites, Elvis, couples and normal runners started the same time. I left for bathroom. After that, the marathon had already started. I surprised to meet my friend (another barefoot runner), Todd.

After the starting line, good sightseeing. Where the split to full marathon, Old casino town (that I remembered it that I visited there when I was 11 years old.) had new cover look like canopy. After that, lost sightseeing (mostly industrial and housing) until last miles. When I ran to north, saw nice snow on the mountain. Anyway, between 10 and 20 miles, I had been so struggles because of cold and wind (about 20 mph) and slightly uphill. (the most time, the wind pushed on my front). In first I had not enough train long distance run after Long Beach marathon last October (only my longest distance was 8 miles). After 20 miles, finally downhill but still struggled because of wind. After I saw the 24 miles mark, I expected 2 miles because there had two clocks. After the two clocks, it was 25 miles mark. (note each mile had marked the time clock) I thought it was wrong marks!!! Finally to finished it about 6 hours. Met Ken in my car in parking lot. He felt slow also than he expected because of cold and wind also, not enough rest on Saturday because of filming, and he started WAY too fast at the front (about 7 minute/mile, first couple miles). After that, we zoomed to home. Anyway in the general the course was similar as Long Beach and Rock n Roll (San Diego) marathons.

Ken finally finished 14 marathons this year. Maybe a world record for most barefoot marathons in one year?? But Barefoot Todd won over Ken because Todd did 15 marathons barefoot (plus a couple marathons – with shoes.

Ken’s next marathon will be OC marathon (January 7, 2007). me, too.

Statistics (Ken Bob)

  • 26.20 Mile
  • 04:21:12 (official time)
  • 56 Barefoot 26.20 Mile races from 1998 to 2006/12/10
  • 291 Barefoot races (any distance) from 1998 to 2006/12/10
  • My Distance=26.20 Mile
  • My time: 04:21:12
  • Barefoot
  • Overall place: 2381
  • Age division (age = 51) : 151
  • surface (0-10): 7
  • hills (0-10): 1
  • Description: asphalt, ceramic tiles, concrete
  • City: Las Vegas
  • State: Nevada

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