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OC Marathon

On Sunday, May 3, 2009, after I completed Orange Country Marathon, I felt like this was my first marathon, even though I have completed 22 marathons before.  I broke my leg last year and had only trained up to 22 miles two weeks before that day.  Plus before that, I got sick (sore throat, cold and cough at least one week)

Anyway, after my hubby, Ken and I rode the shuttle from Orange County Fairground to Fashion Island Mall, we started near back of the crowd with Barefoot Julian.  After starting , I stopped at Ruby’s restaurant for bathroom.  About 5 females participants waited in the line, the manager gave us free breakfast coupons.

After bathroom, I saw the cops (both motorcycles and vehicles with sirens) following the last participants including me and they told us to use on sidewalk. Until turned right to Corona Del Mar. I could see that many participants waited in longest line at the first porta-potty.  When out of Corona Del Mar, I was not last participant because the cops did not chase me.

In the first few miles, I felt my quads sore because I competed sprint triathlon at Ken’s work (CSULB) as I biked on a big steep hill four times (4 laps) then a few days later trained to run on a couples steep hills, Signal Hill with women’s triathlon club.  Anyway  Later about half hour, my quad pain was gone.

Nice scenic through Newport Back Bay trails (note: the Back Bay was the final leg of the first OC marathon course).  About 12 miles was split half marathon and full marathon, I looked to see if any participants continued the full marathon. If I was only full-marathon participant, I would turn to finish the half marathon, even though I had signed up for the full marathon. I decided to continue and run the full marathon.

Nice to explore around South Coast Plaza shopping mall.  After out of the mall, many drivers complained because the roads were closed for the marathon runners.

About 20 miles, my upper thigh (hamstring) cramped. I had to walk easy on the Santa Ana River path. After 21 miles the guy in van had caught up with me, and warned me and other slow participants that he would cut us.  About 5 minutes later 4 participants passed me quickly. I looked back. I was aware that the guy in the van chased us.  Obviously, he already cut slowest participants (note:  the marathon limited 7.5 hours to finish). The 4 participants and I were positive to finish the marathon.  Anyway after the river and finish running through Fairview park, I felt ready to walk fast or run, and I passed many slower participants. When I crossed the streets, the cops stopped vehicles to let us cross the road. I arrived OC fairground, and I felt to be ready to run in the final half mile to finish. I saw Ken cheering for me. Short time before crossing the finish line, the announcer, Rudy, called out my name and waved at me, because he knew me and my hubby (Barefoot Ken Bob) from several other marathons. I finished less than 7 hours.

I have also signed up for Los Angeles Marathon on Memorial Day, only three weeks from now (Note: the Los Angeles Marathon usually is in early March and I hope it will change to March again next year)