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Maverick and Franco

Franco and Herman meet – also Maverick

Maverick and Franco

Maverick and Franco


On our summer road trip this year Herman will be traveling with another dog from Joshua Tree to Michigan. Yesterday, Franco (the other dog) came over to meet and visit with Herman. Franco and most of the family and a friend rode in their van, but Herman was most excited to meet with Rex, Franco’s dad, who arrived on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Herman loves to race with Harleys! Usually, however, Herman only gets to watch them speed past on the highway while we wait to cross. But today, Herman was able to run alongside the Harley in our parking lot. Herman was very happy about that!

For the most part, Herman and Franco just ignored each other… we walked, and they visited other dogs along the way. We took them for a swim in the harbor, and Franco played with a pit bull puppy there, and Herman enjoyed the water. The only time they really had much interest in each other was just after we fed them, and Herman sniffed Franco’s empty food dish, and Franco didn’t like that, so they growled and sounded vicious for a couple seconds… and we pulled them apart. Then they were fine. So now we know to feed them separately, or at least remove the empty dishes when each dog is finished eating.

Also a couple of pictures of Herman babysitting the neighbor’s cat and dog.

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