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Thanksgiving week

We went North for the week of Thanksgiving. We stopped to visit Ken’s friend, and his new wife, near Monterey Bay. The wife told Cathy that she wanted me to sleep in the kitchen while Cathy would sleep in the bedroom with Ken. Cathy wanted me to sleep in the bedroom with her and Ken.

Ken tried to convince the wife that I should stay in the same room with Cathy. As a guide dog for the deaf, it is my job to let Cathy know when there is a sound she needs to be aware of, such as fire alarms, or someone knocking on the door, or calling Cathy’s name.

If I am in another room and I can’t get to Cathy, I go crazy. That is why Federal and State laws protect people with guide dogs from discrimination.

But the wife was worried about confronting her landlord, so we continued driving to Cathy’s sister’s in Dillon Beach, arriving about five in the morning.

My old friend Newton (big brown dog) has slowed down in his old age (13 years old). Chuck and Bessie have been doing some major remodeling, including a new fireplace and new hardwood floors. Bessie was working out of town until the night before Thanksgiving. Chuck, Ken and Cathy worked all day Wednesday hanging wallboard, and cleaning the house