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Cathy at A Snail's Pace Canopy

Make Room for Santa (2009 December 13)

Cathy at A Snail's Pace Canopy

Cathy at A Snail's Pace Canopy


One week early, I  signed 5K for me and 10K for Ken.   In the morning, we arrived in parking lot of the elementary school but it was full.  Drove to Park across street from the school.   After parked, we walked and first runner Juan (fastest one in 10K) caught us for saying hello on a way to the school for picking the goodies bags, bibs, and T-shirts.

In starting line, I was first because of 5K.  Five minutes later 10K where Ken started.  After crossed the finish line, I grabbed my jacket and camera from my car.  I stood by the bridge away from finish line for waiting Ken to finish.

I surprised my old school principal walked with a walker in the 5K.  I interrupted him to say hello and hugged him.   Then the woman standing next to me, introduced herself.  She was his daughter, and she also introduced her husband who was walking with my old principal.

Both of them encouraged him to finish. “Yes”, I told him as I pointed the finish line is very near.  I went back to same place and waited for Ken to finish the 10K.

When I got home, I played to surf on the race website.  My old principal won 2nd place in his age group.

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