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Let’s put “Care” in Health Care!


My wife and I have been blessed with a reasonable income, and good health, luckily.

It’s easy to ignore the uninsured, the unemployed, and the sick, as long as I have a good income, good health, and insurace (for those rare times when our health isn’t so good – and for routine check-ups).

Not Everyone is so Lucky

But our society consists of many people who aren’t as blessed as we are. You know… those poor folks who work for a few dollars an hour at SuckMart, McBurgerLand, etc… Employers who make great profit, but somehow can’t afford to provide for their employee’s health care expenses. And, then there’s all those unemployed former aerospace workers, who now have to choose between paying the insurance premium, or the mortgage.

Insurance for Profit is NOT Efficient

The insurance companies (who currently RUN health care in the U.S.A.) have a singular goal: PROFIT! Profit is nice, and it should be a reward for providing service and products to society.

But, the insurance companies have it turned around and backwards. They view the stockholders as the customers (instead of as responsible business owners), and profit, as the service they provide the stockholders (instead of as a reward for providing service).

 From this point of view, we, the actual paying customers, are merely a natural resource, a cash gold mine! Consequently, the insurance companies regualarly deny service to it’s actual customers, to keep profits growing for the stockholders (and bonuses to executives).

To be Cursed with Ethics

Sometimes I wish I had the (lack of) ethics to run an insurance business…

“Sure, give me your money, and in an emergency, I’ll take care of you… just trust me…”

“What? You’ve got cancer! Oh, that’s too bad, but, last quarter,  our stock holders were not happy with only 50% profit , so we had to cut back, and now we can’t help you… By the way, now that you’re a high risk patient, we’ll need to increase your premiums…”


What is a Contributing Member of Society?

And even worse, what if you’re one of the more than 15% of the population not perceived as a contributing (ie: with insurance premiums) member of society (for example; when your employer doesn’t provide insurance, and doesn’t pay you enough to buy your own insurance)? In such cases, the insurace companies won’t even acknowledge your existence!

Getting Money Back isn’t as Easy as Giving it to Insurance Companies

Even if your premiums are all paid up, you may need to hire lawyers to get the insuance company to cover your health care expenses – hmmm no wonder so many insurance companies and lawyers are spending so much money trying to convince us that nationalized health care would be worse than  – they (the insurance companies and lawyers) will no longer be necessary in the health care business, and your health care dollars, instead of going to the insurance companies, and lawyers, can go to providing, of all things, health care.

Let’s be Civilized, and Care for Each Other

We used to care for each other, even, or especially, when one was striken with bad luck. Our society has been reprogrammed, since I was a child, to worship profit above care.

Everyone should be allowed access to health care. Civilized societies don’t just let people get sick and die on the streets, especially in times of need.