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Lucy and Herman at Dog Beach on Herman's 13th birthday

Pictures from Super Psycho Herman Bowl Sunday

Sunday was my birthday. Now I am a teenager (13 years – or 91 dog years). Pacific Coast Highway was closed to traffic so that I could walk on the highway for my birthday. There were also a few thousand people running there. I guess they figured since it was my birthday, they should celebrate by running a marathon (26.2 miles), or at least a half-marathon (13.1 miles).

After walking 2 miles (14 dog miles), some people camping at the RV park to celebrate my birthday, shared some bacon.

Since we were only another mile (7 dog miles) away, I convinced Cathy and Ken to come with me to Dog Beach. I walked and played a bit on Dog Beach with Lucy, a young puppy, and so many other dogs that I can’t remember all their names.

Before the morning was over, I had walked about 8 miles total (56 dog miles). Then I napped for a couple hours before checking out which neighbors had the best meat for my birthday celebration.

Here’s some pictures …

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