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Old Woman in a Car Chases Cathy

Cathy was rollerblading last October with me in our gated community. An older woman chased us with her car. She threatened us because she said dogs were not allowed in the mobile home park. Cathy showed her my guide dog license. She refused to listen to Cathy, and she almost hit Cathy with her car. Cathy yelled that she would call the police. Cathy skated to the guard shack with me. The old lady followed us.

When we stopped at the booth, the old lady kept interrupting while Cathy tried to talk to the guard. Cathy yelled at the old lady, “get out” several times before the old lady finally went away. Cathy got her license plate number. When we got home, Cathy called the police.

Soon two men dressed in blue, with guns arrived. They said they would send another officer who knew sign language, but he was not working then.

Later, two other policemen showed up. They knew sign language. They were angry about the woman chasing Cathy with her car and not respecting Cathy’s right to have her guide dog with her. They said they would visit the woman and the mobile home park manager to explain about the rights of deaf people to have guide dogs.