Stabilze beer

How to serve a beer

Story Balance a coaster on your head – don’t want to leave rings after all. It helps to have a flat head, but you’ve get to hold it level. Keep the beer steady with a human hand (if you don’t … read more

Family & Friends

Captain Herman the pirate

Herman, Halloween, Rainbow

Story I dressed up as a pirate for Halloween, wearing a pirate hat, and wig with dreadlocks. My pal, Comet was dressed as a skeleton. Later it rained overnight. The next morning I went for a walk and met a … read more

Health & Fitness

Herman's back and Mick Dodge's feet

The Legend of Mick Dodge … and Psycho Herman!

Summary 25 years ago, Mick Dodge walked away from it all. He followed a primal instinct, venturing deep into the forest of the Olympic Peninsula, making his home in the trees. Experience the wild life of a quirky character whose … read more


Deaf Dawn

Dragon Boat Races

Summary Cathy and Ken left me home alone (except for the cat) most of the day, while Cathy’s dragon boat team, Deaf Dawn, competed with other local teams, and one team from Arizona. Oh and there were a couple of … read more

Cathy Lee Yoga

Cathy - yoga on board

My mom is a calendar girl!

Story My mom, Cathy Lee-Saxton is a calendar girl on the 2014 International Deaf Yoga Calendar! Link 2014 International Deaf Yoga Calendar read more