Stabilze beer

How to serve a beer

Story Balance a coaster on your head – don’t want to leave rings after all. It helps to have a flat head, but you’ve get to hold it level. Keep the beer steady with a human hand (if you don’t … read more

Family & Friends

I would get a little closer to you, but I don't like people, and there's one right behind you!

Aqua meets Astro

Today Herman and I went out for a short walk around our building together. But I was terrified when the new neighbor’s door opened up, and a dog, and worse yet, his person came outside to walk with us. Eventually, after … read more

Health & Fitness

Post race hydration with Ken Bob and Psycho Herman

Surf City Run 5K

I wanted to race today, but my dad, Barefoot Ken Bob, broke his foot almost 5 weeks ago, and only wanted to walk … even when the motorcycle police passed in the other direction! More photos on the Original Running … read more


Ken Bob, Adreah, and Uncle Dave and the Hollywood sign

Ken Bob, Adreah, and Uncle Dave go to Hollywood

Ken Bob’s sister, Adreah visits from Michigan, and goes with Ken Bob to pick up Uncle Dave in Burbank, to go visit the Batcave in Hollywood. read more

Yoga Barefoot

Cathy - yoga on board

My mom is a calendar girl!

Story My mom, Cathy Lee-Saxton is a calendar girl on the 2014 International Deaf Yoga Calendar! Link 2014 International Deaf Yoga Calendar read more