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More on Health and Fitness

Ken is continuing his search for a more healthy and humane diet. As most of you know he and Cathy started becoming Vegetarian (eat plants, milk, and eggs) in 1991.

Ken continued to become a Vegan (eats only plants).

Now Ken is seeking more organically grown foods. Organically grown plants are not fertilized with synthetic chemicals or treated with poisonous pesticides. Organic farmers rely on natural predators (birds, spiders, praying mantis, lady bugs, etc..) to control pests and natural sources of fertilizers, such as manure and compost.

Theoretically, plants grown this way should contain all of the nutrients that the human body needs to stay (or become healthy) without the need for taking vitamin supplements.

Taking vitamin supplements may causes severe imbalances, since vitamins work together and taking one vitamin, may cause deficiencies in others. Only in whole, natural foods should we expect to find the balance of nutrients ideally suited for human health.

After all, neither God nor evolution would create us in an environment that did not have suitable foods.

Businesses, however, have no problem creating and selling foods more suitable for long shelf life and durability in transport than for human health.