Spoiler - I went in the water today

Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach, California

Rosie’s Dog Beach is named after Justin Rudd’s old bulldog (now passed, the dog, nor Justin – we saw Justin at the beach today).

The waves are tiny compared to the waves at Huntington Beach Dog Beach. That’s because there are breakwater walls off-shore to help protect the Long Beach/Los Angles Harbor and it’s associated commerce.

Today I went to Rosie’s Dog Beach with my mom (Cathy) and dad (Ken Bob). I was still afraid of the water, same as last time when I went to Huntington Dog Beach. But after about an hour or so, I finally went in a little bit (had to get my Frisbee toy!). Within a short while I was jumping over some of the smaller waves (still running back to shore for the big ones (more than 6-inches tall or so).

Well anyway, thought you might like to see some pictures of me playing and running on the beach (and in the water) with my new friends.



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