Cathy and Ken in Florida

Ken and Cathy celebrated their five year wedding anniversary with a honeymoon at DisneyWorld in Florida last summer. I was mad because Cathy put me in the kennel. She said I would not like the mosquitoes in Florida. I think She didn’t want me begging for attention during the honeymoon.

At Disney World, they visited the Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios, Epcot Center, and water parks. They even went to a luau.

After leaving DisneyWorld, Ken and Cathy stayed for a couple weeks at Cathy’s brother’s (also named Ken) in Delray Beach, Florida. Ken (Cathy’s brother) and Robbie have a small lake which wraps around the house and connects through channels to the everglades and has live alligators. Anyone want to go for a swim?

Cathy told me that the water in the Atlantic Ocean was so warm and the waves were so small that maybe even I would like it. I am a short-haired dog and the Pacific Ocean in California is cold and the waves are mean and I hate water and I hate cold. But, I don’t like getting my feet wet even in warm water.

Cathy had never been to Florida and the last time she saw her brother, Ken, was at her wedding five years ago.

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